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Kupa is our Stud dog only young he has exceptional focus and drive he his bold and persistent ... and he is pretty handsome too.
Exiting the scrub with the canvas dummy
Returning with Dummy
Kupa completing the scrub retrieve
Kupa 1st Puppy dog in the challenge dog line-up Sydney Royal 2014 handled by Sharryn Lewis
Kupa Nov 2014
Photo Taken by Stephen Lewis
Nov 2014
All our dogs & brood bitches are selected for drive, retrieval ability, health and conformation in mind.
Daffy Dog is a high drive bitch with strong focus and retrieval. She is also the kennel clown always ready to perform.
Daffy Dog 1st Open Bitch in the challenge bitch line up Sydney Royal 2014
Pania is a beautiful bitch always competitive in the show ring. Pania has strong retrieval and focus loads of ability. The epitome of brains and beauty. Photo taken 2013
Pania Nov 2014
Photo taken by Stephen Lewis
Pania Retrieving
The beautiful Pania
Photo Stephen Lewis
The beautiful Keiti Nov 2014
Photo taken by Stephen Lewis
Seeking the Dummy
Retrieving the Dummy
Keiti has strong retrieval and drive, a bold bitch with loads of gundog potential.
Steven (AKA Crofty Dog CD) the master of all deflated soccer & basket balls. He keeps the Labradors in line. Steven is an Dog Accredited Delta Therapy Dog and just the best boy in the world.
Diacas Tua Tahi CCD - absolutely adorable love hound. Also an accredited Delta Therapy Dog Gorgeous girl with a gentle soul - Pete calls her the house cat.
Lara, Daffy & 12 week old Pania


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