This is a pictorial representation of what we do with our puppies it begins with the sire & dam

It began with our foundation bitch our beautiful Invergowrie Lara bred by Dr Leslie Levins. Lara has produced the beautiful girls and has passed on not only her wonderful temperament and drive but also her competent whelping & nurturing ability to her daughters.
Tapua Labradors are located in Central West NSW, we aim to breed Labs that have brains and are sound in conformation, health & retrieval ability with strong drive. We have an open kennel policy where we encourage potential puppy buyers to contact us and visit our kennels.
People are welcome to meet out brood bitches and our stud dog Kupa.
Puppies are whelped in a fully insulated room well set up when in use however it convert to a storage room when not in use.
Pups remain in the controlled environment until they are 4-5 weeks. All litter experience ENS & sound desensitization before being transitioned to K1.
Puppies transition to sleep in K1 ( Kindy 1) in an insulated and sealed concrete and fibro building the enclosure is 13m x 20m. Sound desensitisation is continued with tapes and pups continue their socialisation with the environment.
K2 ( Kindy 2) is the puppy day yard which is well shaded with multiple enrichment activities. All enclosures have access to fresh water This enclosure is 13m x 25m
Our main adult enclosure is surrounded by a 17m x 25m security fence. The sealed concrete & fibro structure is designed to be well ventilated and weather proof the 'whirly gigs' on the roof provide continuous airflow.
The interior of the Main Kennel is divided into 3 bays, during winter we lay rice straw down which is naturally thermal.
The main Kennels
Entrance of main Kennel
Communal kennel with the low drop down bed in the winter we place loads of rice straw in for warmth
Kindy II
Our top block


Contact Details
Pauline Gill & Peter Levett
Woodstock, NSW, Australia
Phone : MB: 0429399341
Email : [email protected]

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