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At Tapua Kennels our aim is to breed dual purpose Labs - intelligent, healthy, well-tempered and of course conformationally correct Labrador Retrievers. Our dogs temperament, reliable retrieval and intelligence are valued highly by various organisations, we have  a number of dogs who are active assitance service dogs with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities, diabetes alert dogs, learning disability support, PTSD..  We are very proud of our dog's achievements in the community. Having owned and bred numerous breeds I can honestly say Labs are the easiest dog to live with.

I have been involved in obedience and dog training most of my adult life and I have long had a particular interest in service dogs. In past I have bred or trained Australian Cattle Dogs, Australian Kelpies and Border Collies. I am most known for my Australian Kelpies bred under the Mimbil prefix since 1991. My partner Peter has also had a long association with working stock dogs and security dogs via his station and security work. Without Peter's support non of this would be possible he is actively involved in all aspects of the breeding and training of our dogs.  We take great pride in breeding these wonderful dogs together under the prefis TAPUA which is a Maori name meaning 'to stand out and be prominant'.


All breeding stock in our yard have been selectively bred to have medium to high retrieval drive. All know their basics in obedience and will sit, stand, drop stay on and off lead they will retrieve with entusiasm and drive and are gunsure. We have an open kennel policy and welcome visitors to our property. 






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Pauline Gill & Peter Levett
Woodstock, NSW, Australia
Phone : MB: 0429399341
Email : [email protected]

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