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We aim to breed healthy intelligent and sound Labs for a purposeful life. Dual purpose dogs which have strong retrieval, focus and drive but also a 'switch off ability' and can settle and be the gentle loving Labs we all know and love.

Our dogs are competitive in the show ring and have placed well at both State and National level. We routinely compete at Sydney Royal with two 1st places in 2014 and 2nd & 3rd place in 2013. All breeding stock have full Certified DNA Profile covering all known Disease, and traits and colour specification known to Labrador s from Oct 2018. Hip and elbow scored and have current eye certificates. Details are on our website. We have bred more than 50 autism support, scent detection, truffle hunting PTSD dogs - we are proud that out dogs have a purposeful life. 

All pups are wormed,vaccinated and microchipped.

Most pups are sold to service homes or organisations that train service dogs and are well known for their ability and temperamental. All our litters experience Early Neurological Stimulation, sound desensitization and are raised in an enriched environment.

Main Registration pups are available by arrangement.






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Pauline Gill & Peter Levett
Woodstock, NSW, Australia
Phone : MB: 0429399341
Email : [email protected]

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