Early Neurological Stimulation is the first step in creating smart robust puppies. ENS is done between day 3 & 16. Below are the positions and remember count to 5 methodically 1 & 2 & 3  & ....  more is not better and less is ineffective. This is a proven technique designed by Dr Carmelo L Battaglia Ph.D.

ENS is performed on each pup from day 3-16. A proven technique that enhances neural pathways and connectivity developed by Dr Carmelo L Battaglia, Ph.D.
When you clean the whelping box in the morning place the pups on a comfortable mat.
Taking one pup at a time hold him upright for 5 seconds.
Hold puppy face down for 5 seconds
Hold puppy gently on their back for 5 seconds - notice the stretched out forelegs it is a stress reaction - it is an important sign and an indication the pup is responding to the positions
Holding pup on your chest run a cotton bud through the toes of the pup for 5 seconds.
Place pup on a cool wet flannel for 5 seconds
Place pup with mum for a feed and continue on the next pup
From day 14 to about 21 noise tapes, toys and general distractions are introduced. Progressively activities like vacuum cleaning occurs around the pups and desensitising them to noise continues until 8 weeks old.
Pups are introduced to food inside and when we are confident they are eating well we move the pups outside for their first meal outside. They only remain outside for about an hours.
The dam will remain with the pups while they rest after their feed outdoors.
After a nap there is time to explore
A whole range of experience occur outside and the pups world becomes very exciting and interesting to them.
Over a weeks 3-4 the pups progress to being outside during the day and inside at night they get to independently explore everything
By week 4 they have teeth and like to chew knowing on lamb flabs is great fun!
Access to water is essential but the Lab love to swim too so the water troughs are low enough for them to tromp throuch .
K2 is their 10 x 25m day yard and they get to stretch their
legs and explore and play.
Empty milk cartons are the best and cheapest play toys.
Though definitely weened food wise the mum will comfort feed and it is important for the pups to keep contact with mum to age learn appropriate canine behaviours
We take our pups for a drive to a local Rehab and the pups get to interact with adults and experience different people and different smells.
Being handled by strangers gently btw 6/7 weeks old
This helps to create outgoing bold confident pups.
By 8 weeks you have an adorable and loving, happy & outgoing Lab pup full of fun and mischief. On-going training especially for the first 12 months is essential, please as if you need help finding a good trainer or need any advice contact me.


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