DOGS WITH JOBS 1990'S - 2016

Welcome to our photo album.
We aim to breeds Labs for a purposeful life here are some of our dogs with jobs as well as some dogs we have trained or owned who also had special jobs. 
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Dora The Explorer (Neutered Ch Tapua Honey Gem CDX NRA - born April 2012) is a much loved companion of Clare & John Seligman. Dora has her own web page - check it out.
This is Nelson ( Tapua Daddy Cool) and his dad Paul a clinical psychologist in Newcastle. Nelson is works at Paul's practice as a therapy dogs and engages with all his clients. DOB 27.6.17 2015
Jet - born 2009 another Tapua dog with a job - he is a companion dog for young Adrian who has an intellectual disability. Jet is one of our first home-bred assistance dogs
Koda ( Tapua Kokoda Trail DOB: 27.2.2015) is a Medical Alert Dog in training who's young charge Mirandah who has Type 1 Diabetes. You can follow their journey together on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/Koda-for-T1D-Mirandah-221450731552437/?fref=nf
Landon and his Assistance Dog Maddie born 2011. Maddie is an Aussie Angel Assistance Dog for a young boy with Autism in the Hunter Valley

Mobility Assistance Dog in Training - Tynan is an adorable Labs to helps him mum in the work place. He lives on the south coast of NSW. Born June 2016.
Juke is a dog with a job - (Heeni's brother, Tapua Honi born 2010) is both a Guide Dog and Assistance dog trained by his blind & disabled owner Michael Stubbing
The much loved Raven born Feb 2016 a PTSD Support Puppy for an Iraq Veteran she lives with her mum & dad in Qld
Kura - born 2011 is now a school therapy dog in South Australia for children with a disability.
Owned by the Mason family in Townsville this pup will be trained to scent out the Miconia Weed an invasive plant invading the FNQ forests. Born June 2016
Tapua Daiquiri based in Qld is also owned by Merekos Kennels and will be trained to locate the rare Dorrigo Daisy Born June 2016
Ozzie - born 2014 - trained by Smart Pups Qld - he is an assistance dog for a young girl with Autism - they are best mates
Tapua Mai Tai owned by Merekos Kennels will be trained in environmental scent detection in Sydney. Born June 2016
Tapua Heeni Te Anna (AKA Scrappy Doo born 2010) is a truffle hunting dog for Adrian Mielke. Follow their journey on www.trufflehunters.com.au
Ch Tapua Celtic Charm (AKA Daffy Dog born 2011) is not only an accomplished show dog winning Open Bitch Sydney Royal 2014 she is also a working truffle hunter along with her second cousin Scrappy
Andrew Naidu (Nads) and Sapper (Tapua Lt Commander born 2009) contacted us from Afghanistan seeking a companion for when he came back from active service in Afghanistan.
We had an older pup that we thought would suited the job as a great companion for Nads.
Sapper & Nads are the best of mates.
Ringo - born 2015 is a Kupa /Pippa son in training with Smart Pups Qld
Costa born 2014 is a service dog for young Billy in Perth. Billy has Auditory Dysfunction and from the time Costa came home Billy's reading improved.
Kupa/Pippa's son Bruno born 2015 is in training with Smart Pups Qld
Matilda is also on the cover of Frontline for large dogs - she is a star!Matilda is managed by Animal talent time. http://www.animaltalenttime.com/Dogslarge.html
Matilda born 2009 is Owned Anne Harris and she is used in promotional work with Animal Talent Time. Matilda is also available for adds and TV.
NSWPD Merlin - Lesmalo Sextans - I donated my obedience dog Merlin to the NSW Police in '99. Merlin's handler has written a book about their exploites in a book named 'Blue Paws' sold through New Holland Publishers Australia
Petey - born 2015 is a Kupa Pippa son in training with Smart Pups Qld
Flynn & Errol born 2014 are Aussie Angel Assistance Dogs working in Sydney
Young Iggy ( born 2014) is currently serving as a qualified Pets For Therapy Dog
Ch Mimbil Biddy's Daughter AKA Emma born 1994 was an accredited therapy dog along with her mother Biddy,
Emma's Mum 'Biddy' - born 1991(Ch Spectre Leah Dream CD) was also a therapy dog and a number of her progeny worked in group homes and with people with disability in the 90's.
Well Dixie- born 1998 aka Princess Pudding Bat Features (CH Mimbil Burnt Offerings) didnt really have a formal 'job' but always thought she was in charge and directed the building of our kennels. Steve named her the 'Fat Controller'.



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