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Tapua Hazel DOB 7.1.21 Psych Support Dog Sydney
Tapua Memphis DOB 5.1.21 Autism support/anxiety & depression Sydney
Tapua CeCe DOB 5.1.21 Autism Support Parkes NSW
Tapua Ombra DOB 5.1.21 Mobility Dog Miracle Assistance Dogs East Maitland
Tapua Jail House Rock aka Freddy. DOB 7.1.21 Freddy is a Psychiatric Support dog in Sydney NSW
Tapua Pablo DOB: 05.01.21 Cancer and Epilepsy Support Puppy in Training Victoria
Tapua Jasmine Lilly (AKA Jassy) PTSD support dog after her PAT test in Tasmania DOB 16.02.16
Tapua Ripley ( DOB 9.7.20) he is a dog destined to be a demonstration pup for Positive Pups in Sydney.

Tapua Hera (DOB 9.7.20) Scent detection dog Sydney
Tapua Saturn AKA Scout. Autism Spectrum & DV Support Pup. Victoria Born April 2017
Tapua Pied Piper aka Piper Born 2 June 2019 AKA Tapua Pied Piper is a Therapy dog for Northern Beaches Paediatric OT. Pipers progress in training can be followed on FB via Tate Training and the Piper Project.
Autism Spectrum support dog Tapua Sirius AKA Maverick - Orange NSW Born April 2017
Tapua Centurion. Field/Retrieval Trial Dog. AKA Tank. Victoria Born April 2017
Tapua Galaxy AKA Kiri Therapy Dog NSW Born April 2017
Tapua Moondust AKA Juno Obedience/Therapy Dog. Central Coast NSW Born April 2017
Tapua Jupiter & Tapua Starburst AKA Daisy & Arbeau Autism Spectrum support pups in training in Victoria. Born April 2017
Tapua Bushmaster AKA Barney Born April 2017 & Tapua Daddy Cool AKA Nelson. Newcastle NSW Born Feb 2015. Therapy/PTSD Dogs working in a clinic as support for trauma & PTSD clients.
Tapua Black Hawk - Medical Alert - Diabetes pup. Armidale NSW. Born April 2017
Tapua Top'O The Class (AKA Marlin) graduated as an Assistance Dog Australia Mobility Assistance Dog. Born Feb 2016 Much loved and cherished by his mum Carmen QLD
Tapua Tracker (aka Scout) PTSD Support/Obedience pup. Canberra DOB August 2017
Drug detection dog Mabel Born 27.7.2016 DDD NSW Corrective Services
Mobility Assistance Dog Tapua Black Sambucca aka Galliano QLD Born August 2017
Gracie is a pup we bred in 2012 after a number of years helping her human with MS she was regretfully returned to ADA and re-educated to work in another placement in SA. Well done Gracie you are a champion.
Autism Support Breeding Program Tapua Little Dream aka Gwen. Brama Labs Victoria Born 31 May 2018
Jessie Autism Support Dog Brama Labs Victoria Born 31 May 2018
Tapua Galaxy AKA Kiri DOB 30.4.17 Autism Support breeding program Smart Pups Qld.
Hooper - AKA Tapua Dream Boy - DOB 8.8.2016. Hooper is an Integra Service Dogs Australia mascot. He has met multiple dignitaries plus supporting Veterans at the Invictus Games in Australia 2018
Tapua Fenton DOB 14.8.18 Retrieval Gundog Trials - Future Stud Dog Bathurst
Tapua Hiroki ( Hero) DOB 14.8.18 Autism Support Puppy SA
Tapua Loki 14.8.18 Autism support/stud dog Brama Labs Inc Victoria
Tapua Loui 14.8.18 Autism Support Puppy Victoria
Tapua Larchie Born 14.8.18 PTSD Support Puppy First Responder Wagga Wagga
Tapua Nacho Born 14.8.18 Smart pups Qld Autism Support Puppy
Tapua Ninja Born 14.8.18 Smart Pups Qld Autism Support Puppy
Tapua Nellie Born 14.8.18 Smart Pups Qld Autism Support Puppy
Tapua Nixie Born 14.8.18 Smart Pups Qld Autism Support Puppy.

Tapua Blitz DOG 15.10.2018 Scent Detection Dog NSW 2018
Tapua Lucy Lu Born 15.10.18 PTSD Support Puppy in Training for a First Responder in Gundagai.
Tapua Mia May - Mia Born 2 June 2019 will be trained as a Medical Alert Dog (Epilepsy) she lives in Bathurst NSW. Mia's training will be oversighted by K9 Pro.
Tapua Dreams R Forever aka Bentley Born 2 June 2019 AKA Tapua Dreams R Forever, is a PTSD Support Dog in SA. Bentley's training will be oversighted by Canine Connections SA
Tapua Proud Mary AKA Opal Born 8.9.2019 Opal is a scent detection dog
Tapua Run Through The Jungle AKA Oscar, Born 8.9.2019, PTSD Anxiety Support Dog, Sydney
Tapua Revival AKA Echo Born 8.9.2019 Epilepsy/ PTSD Support Dog Newcastle area
Tapua I Put A Spell On You AKA Stella - Disability Support Dog. Victoria.
Tapua Follow Your Heart AKA Zuma Born 1.11.19 Obedience/ Retrieval Trial
Tapua Listen to your Heart AKA Onyx DOB 1.11.2019 Scent detection dog.
Tapua Rosie Pearl ( DOB 5.7.20) is a PTSD support dog in training in Tasmania



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