I have a number of dogs who have achieved in conformation, obedience, and varied activities but only one who has excelled in all these areas - and continues to excel Dora The Explore - AKA Neutered CH Tapua Honey Gem CDX RNA.

I first met Clare 12 months before Dora was born, Clare came to suss us out, she visited when I had a litter of 7 week old Labs ( Dora's 1/2 siblings) even though the litter was all spoken for she took the time to drive out the 350km from Sydney to visit us at Tapua Kennels. I knew from the first time I met Clare any dog she chose would be well-loved and shine like a star in her hands.

Dora was born 02.04.2012. Like all our Tapua pups, she experienced Early Neurological Stimulation , sound desensitization and she was raised in an enriched environment. She was collected by her besotted parents John and Clare Seligman 8 weeks later and began her journey with them in Cromer Sydney.  Clare and John attained Dora's Neuter championship within 12 months but all the while preparing Dora for the obedience ring.



CCD - Community Companion Dog

At 14 months old Dora gained her first and second pass in CCD at the Illawarra Dog Training Club in 7 July 2013.

  • #1 AM Trial  89/100 2nd place Judge: Mrs D Howllett 
  • #2 PM Trial  94/100 2nd place Judge: Mrs P Orm
  • #3  Trial Metro Mid Week Dog Training Club 25.9.13  score 95/100 2nd Place Judge: Mr S Turner 


Onward to CD - Companion Dog

Clare & Dora competed again at the Illawarra Dog Training Club in 6.7.2014.

  • #1 AM Trial 191/200 2nd Place Judge Mr K Charnock
  • #2 PM Trial 189/200 3rd place Judge : Mr R Probert

Dora and Clare went onto trial at the NSW Obedience State Trials in Oct 2014 attaining her Novice title .

  • #3 Trail 5.10.2014 191/200 & another second-place Judge Mrs V Craig she and Clare continued to trail then next day to again qualify with a score of 190/200 and a 2nd place  Judge: Mr P Evans

Dora and Clare are starting to attract admirers from other competitors and judges for her enthusiastic trialing ability.


Then came CDX Companion Dog Excellent

Dora & Clare were competing in the CDX from December 2014 however she gained her first CDX pass at 2 years and 11 months old at the Hornsby Dog Training Club.

  • #1 Trial 14.3.2015 score 181/200  2nd place Hornsby DTC Judge: Mrs D Hutchins
  • #2 Trial 31 May 2015 score 188/200 2nd place Newcastle All Breeds DTC Judge: Mrs M Baumann
  • #3 Trail 3 Oct 2015 score 180/200  Eastern Suburbs DTC Judge: Miss E Temby

And the results continue in open

  • 5 Oct 2015 NSW State Obedience Trials Score 192/200 2nd place Judge:  Mr R Butler
  • 29 Nov 2015 Cooma DKC Score 177/200  Mrs E Temby
  • 8 May 2016 The Labrador Club of NSW 187 2nd Place
  • 28 May 2016 Newcastle ABKC score 189/200 1st place
  • 29 May 2016 Newcastle DBKC score 188/200 1st place
  • 19 June 2016  Newcastle ABKC 188/200 2nd place
  • 8 Oct 2016 United Retriever Club of NSW  score 188/200 1st place - the only dog qualified 




RATG Retrieval Ability Test for Gundogs - 2016

So while competing in both the UD and CDX ring I encourage Clare to 'just for fun' enter a couple of RATG and or Novice Field trials. I said - you never know she might enjoy it and its something different ... so Clare and Dora entered 3 Novice RATG trials - she qualified in each trial. Now, remember Dora has never ever done any RATG training and this is a very new sport for Clare ... so far in 2016 Dora has attained the following results ....

  • #1 Trail 6 March 2016 Novice RATG Working Gundog Club  - score 93/100  1st PlaceJudge MsP Angel  - retrieving Pidgeon
  • #2 Trail  20 March 2016 Novice RATG Brush Farm DTC - score 87/200  2nd PlaceJudge Ms J Duncan retrieving Dummy
  • #3 Trial 8 May 2016 Labrador Club of NSW Novice RATG - score 82/100 1st PlaceJudge: Dr Claire Wade - retrieving Pidgeon

Novice Stakes Field Trial

  • #1 Trial 6 June 2016 The Working Gundog Club of NSW Retrieval Trail - scoreJudge: Mr G Playdon - Qualifying Certificate

We are looking forward to the 2017 results. 









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